AdM008 Cuba,Traditional Japan, /Art Du monde , SIMPLY010 Simply Berimbau / Simply, Twisted Jukebox ,UK London in 2021                                     

Cafe Sweets Cellection Earth Mix

​2o1o by Crypto Future Media INC.


​The R.I.P. Files Season 2, NBC Universal Syfy Asia , UKTV, Really Channel UK , DIZAT & DIZAJN, Dana Channel,HungarianTV

The Electric Easy 108,Qcode Media,LA USA, 2021-09-30

Beautiful Gyeongju /2018 Beautiful Garden - World Relaxing sounds (EAN/UPC: MAHADTS063) soul ashrama recordings/Ecstasy Records

Honjaso /2018 Soul Cleanse Yoga - Music for Mind, Body and Spirit (EAN/UPC: MAHADTS046) Ecstasy Records

Tell Your Story , Your Romance, Stylish Women, Triple fuse, Hybrid Funk

Nightmare In Manila, If You get a Chanse,Horion,2018 Ameritz Music Ltd

​Over100 tracks on each compilation album by Rehegoo AS Records, london UK and AudioSaparks Florida in 2020.

Heat Shock on Hybrid Orchestral For Dramatic Tension album of Hollywoodtrax  LA USA