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AdM008 Cuba,Traditional Japan, /Art Du monde , SIMPLY010 Simply Berimbau / Simply, Twisted Jukebox ,UK London in 2021                                     


​The R.I.P. Files Season 2, NBC Universal Syfy Asia , UKTV, Really Channel UK , DIZAT & DIZAJN, Dana Channel,HungarianTV,American Greed

The Electric Easy 108,Qcode Media,LA USA, 2021-09-30

Beautiful Gyeongju /2018 Beautiful Garden - World Relaxing sounds (EAN/UPC: MAHADTS063) soul ashrama recordings/Ecstasy Records

Honjaso /2018 Soul Cleanse Yoga - Music for Mind, Body and Spirit (EAN/UPC: MAHADTS046) Ecstasy Records

Tell Your Story , Your Romance, Stylish Women, Triple fuse, Hybrid Funk

Nightmare In Manila, If You get a Chanse,Horion,2018 Ameritz Music Ltd

​Over100 tracks on each compilation album by Rehegoo AS Records, london UK and AudioSaparks Florida in 2020.

Heat Shock on Hybrid Orchestral For Dramatic Tension album of Hollywoodtrax  LA USA

Cafe Sweets Cellection Earth Mix

​2o1o by Crypto Future Media INC.

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