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About Minoru Amino

Minoru is a full-time composer for TV and film, Japanese born and bred, now living in Osaka Japan. At the age of 19,I bought Led Zep's.4th album;That was the first time I bought a rock album. Then Jimmy Page became my first guitar hero. After guraduation of Nihon University,I went to a music school named AN school in Kyoto for learning musical skill and guitar. After that,  took lessons from Kazuhiko Takeda, a legendary Japanese jazz guitarist &also from Katsuhiko Tanaka, an excellent arranger.Having never studied about music before, I learned traditional jazz guitar style and arrangement from them. I worked with bands and performing live with different rock, pop and jazz acts.My song Horizon won Grand Prix of Earth Mix2009 ,presented by Crypton Future Media INC. in Japan. .My music are put in various music libraries in NY, FL, LA, UK etc. My most recent placement is on R.I.P.Files Seasn 2 which has been airing on NUniversal Syfy Asia,UK.TV and Really Channel in United Kingdom.

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